On average the tube ride without stopping lasts approximately 2 hours, generally people stay on it 3-4 ½ hours depending if they’re stopping to eat lunch, and how many beaches they stop at.  We have various comfy rivertubes available,  smaller tubes with bottoms for small children.  Tubes with backs, tubes with bottoms, etc.  Most have cup holders too!  All our property is on the right hand side.  The return ride is fun, takes approximately 15-20 minutes in the cart or wagon with padded seats, thru the fields and woods.

1.   All minors under 16 must be accompanied by parent/guardian.  No exceptions.

2.   All parent/guardians must sign waiver for any minor to be accompanied by themselves or someone else and for themselves.  Everyone signs a waiver. Minors over 16 still need parent waiver.

3.   No horseplay with tubes.  Watch for sticks etc. You will be charged for holes and rips in tubes. $60 per tube and you don’t even get the tube! Credit Card must be on file to rent tubes whether you pay cash or not.

4.   NO GLASS ON RIVER.  Do not litter, please.  We appreciate your help in cleaning up the river.

5.   Quieter riders see a lot more wildlife.  Relax! 

6.   It costs the same whether you bring your own tube or not, but not all tubes are allowed, they must be able to deflate fast for you to carry or be able to fit in our tube hauler.  You may not walk back from the pick-up point, EVERYONE must ride.  The farm is NOT part of the campground.

Campers only may ride your own tubes to Fawn Creek Beach (about 15 minute ride) free of charge and walk back, but no further.  Violators will lose privileges all year and be asked to leave without refund.