Excerpt from June 2015 MVEC Newsletter

We were lucky enough to be chosen as a feature for the Maquoketa Valley Electric Cooperatives newsletter last year. Here's what they had to say...

Riverview Ridge Campgrounds & Recreation Offers Exactly What Family Wants

By: Grace Zimmerman, Anamosa, Iowa

To say that I was surprised as I drove into the Riverview Ridge Campgrounds located south of Cascade and operated by John and Annette Rogers, is a gross understatement. Driving by the office at the entry offering registration and information, I gazed upward on the green, grassy hillside, I headed onward and upward on one of the well rocked roads which spun out in every direction. Campers were parked along each, in various locations as well as an abundance of hook-ups. At one hilltop location, a large attractive and rustic building stood overlooking the grounds. I would refer to it as a gathering place with sheltered picnic tables. I couldn’t understand the large arrangement of huge limestone rocks or stones that were placed off to the side in a circular manner. So that was on my list to ask John and Annette about the significance of this odd placement. “We wanted a building where campers could get together,” said Annette. “When John dug out the place for situating the building, we found it was located on limestone rock. As he extracted the rocks or stones, he placed them around in a circle for a gettogether situation.” John added, “We have pork roasts, hot dogs, and more. There’s entertainment on a 15 foot movie screen. It’s a gathering place where campers can get together to know each other. In the summer it’s a unique place to join in on fun group events. It’s a perfect location for reunions such as families getting together here at Riverview Ridge as they attend the Jones County Fair.”